Winter Wear: Hat Edition

I’ve moved to northern Wisconsin, and I have way too much yarn. It only makes sense that I create tons and tons of winter accessories to wear! Today’s post features hats, headbands, and other head-wear that I’ve crocheted over the last few months.

07 quinbyFirst up is a quinby, pattern from One Skein Wonders. This pattern called for chunky yarn and a fairly big hook, not in a size I had. I should have gotten the right hook, but instead I used one just slightly smaller than requested, and ended up with a green quinby that is more kid-sized. Of course, it turned out that my skein of green yarn – which I inherited from a friend – didn’t have quite enough meters to it, so I barely finished the hat. A larger hook would have meant for an incomplete project, so I’ll just give the green version away. I got the right hook for my burgundy yarn, and the hat came out awesome! [Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky (green); Lion’s Pride Woolspun in Claret]

IMG_5779The next hat I attempted was a puff-stitch beanie from The Hook Nook. Once again, my first attempt came out unsatisfactorily. Most of that was my own fault. I built the band to fit a man’s head, because women’s hats usually fit tightly on me and it was only an inch difference between the two. Only by the time I finished the puff stitches, the band had stretched another three inches. !!! So it was way too big. Then the skein I used, which had the amount of yarn called for by the pattern, ended up being much less than I needed, probably because of the band issue, and so I had to either cut the beanie short or buy a new skein. Since the band was too big anyway, I cut it short. Lastly, I wasn’t a fan of the way the beanie closes in the pattern, and will tweak this the next time I attempt the hat. I’d really like a good hat from this pattern, because the puff stitches are so much fun, especially with color-changing yarn. But yeah, not this one…call it a practice round! [Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Ombre in Grape]

IMG_5861Ooh, these are better. Tweaked the design, played with colors, now I have two I like! [Yarns: Caron Simply Soft Camo in Snow, Caron Simply Soft Camo in Mash, Caron Simply Soft Paints in Peacock Feather]

candy corn beanieNext up was my favorite kind of beanie, from One Skein Wonders. It’s my third time making this beanie in different colors, and remains my fave pattern ever. I was longing for fall when I made it, and so made it candy corn colored. Despite not actually liking candy corn! [Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Ombre in Gold]

flaredThis stylish flared hat is from Crochet That Fits, which I checked out from my local library. Super easy pattern with cute results. I added a pompom at the top for a little extra flare! Honestly, I think the yarn I chose was a bit soft/floppy (original pattern calls for a stiffer tweed yarn) but I still liked the results. I can see myself making a companion hat with this pattern in the future, and I’ll know to choose stiffer yarn next time! [Yarn: Lion Brand Woolspun in Pumpkin, Lion Brand Heartland in King’s Canyon]

matching-hatsNext up, I got a bit silly and decided to make kinda-sorta matching hats for Jason and me. These two patterns – Speckled Ridge Beanie (Jason) and Northern Lights Beanie (me) – are both from Northern Knots. I made Jason’s first, and absolutely adored this particular pattern! The end result came out so well. Mine came second, and I admit, I had a bit more trouble with this one. I kept wanting to tweak the pattern, but figured I should follow it completely the first time. My middle son wants a similar hat (he loves rainbows), so I’ll tweak a bit when I make his. Added bonus: Jason and I look so cute in these semi-matching hats! [Yarn: Lion Brand Woolspun in Cranberry, Linen, and Oxford Grey; Lion Brand Landscapes in Desert Spring]

boys-hatAnd finally, these are my two younger boys. Originally when I started making winter accessories for everyone, all my boys said no thanks. Ambrose and Laurence changed their minds, though, and asked for hats around the end of September. Ambrose wanted a rainbow hat that’s a combination of the two Northern Knots patterns above, and Laurence wanted a puff-stitch beanie. They picked out their own colors and buttons – I take no responsibility for that, and I did refuse to put all five cat-buttons on Ambrose’s hat. They ended up really cute, and hopefully the boys will end up liking them as winter comes. [Yarn: Lion Brand Woolspun in Aquamarine, Lion Brand Landscapes in Desert Spring, Caron Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue]

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6 Responses to Winter Wear: Hat Edition

  1. Kailana says:

    You have been busy!


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  3. Michelle says:

    These are going to be VERY handy in a few short weeks!

    I love the pumpkin one. With a stiffer yarn, it is almost like a cloche, which is one of my favorite hat types ever.


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