July Yarn Art

stress-crochetI admit: with so much construction going on this month, not to mention heat, medicine issues, the boys’ camps, Jason traveling, blah blah blah, there’s been a lot of stress, and with all the stress, I’ve coped with copious amounts of crochet. Considering the tons and tons of yarn I had sitting around, it was probably good to use some of it up. I’ve also been quite pleased with the results, and so yes, I will show them off here!

07 Nat's hatFirst up, I made a beanie for my good friend Natalie. I used the same pattern, from One Skein Wonders, as the beanie I made back in March. I loved that beanie so much, and Nat gets cold easily, and the colors in this particular color-changing skein reminded me of her. Ambrose is modeling the beanie above.

07 Moms candle holdersMy mom’s birthday was in early July, so I decided to crochet some candle-holder covers for her. The boys and I went down to our local thrift store and bought jars – eight votive candle holders and two mason jars, as well as a basket to hold them all. Then I used a couple different tiny-sized yarns to make the covers. Each was unique, making up my own pattern. Some came out better than others.

07 asymmetrical bagThis was another One Skein Wonders pattern, an asymmetrical-close bag. This was an extremely simple and quick pattern to follow. It only took a couple hours to put together, and it’s all one contiguous line, with no need to join or sew lines together. The mesh bottom of the bag is sturdy and stretchy, making the bag a perfect size for a trip to the library, a quick grocery run, an individual swim kit, or an overnight bag. On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of the asymmetrical handle. It’s kinda cool that it slips through to close, but I’d rather have two long handles. The good news is that I had enough of this blue shiny yarn (thanks Karen!) to make another this size with two longer straps! (not pictured)

lovebatLove-bat. Story behind this one: When Ambrose turned 10, Jason and I found this bizarre stuffed pink thing that looked vaguely baseball bat shaped at the thrift store. Ambrose has always loved the feel of crocheted things, so we bought it for him. You can see, in the insert, his marvelous reaction, and he still owns and loves the item alternately known as the pink worm, pink maggot, and love-bat. I crocheted a purple love-bat to match it for his 14th birthday! At his party, he pulled out both bats and began a kind of pillow fight with them…

yarnbagI have a lot of extra yarn lying around, mostly leftovers from older projects, and I wanted to start using it up. I also have a lot of yarn in general, and wanted a bag to hold a bunch of it. I’ve seen various pictures of granny-square bags around, and yarn-bags, so I decided to cobble together my own. The above is the end-result. The majority of the grannies used the pattern found on this blog, modified to add another layer for edging. Then, ironically, I joined the squares using methods not featured at that link. Ha! I learned a lot about joining and blocking on this project, and in the end, it holds probably a third of the yarn I own (yes, I own too much!). Plus, it used up 6-7 leftover skeins and a big chunk of several others. And granny squares always remind me of my maternal grandmother, so this bag makes me happy every time I see it!

The follow three pics are just further dragon-egg dice bags and tarot bags that I made throughout the month. I really like little projects like this! Very quick and satisfying.

07 dice bag
07 tarot bag  dragon egg

Everything else I worked on in July is gift-related, and so I’ll save all that until after said gifts are received!

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2 Responses to July Yarn Art

  1. Michelle says:

    Very cool. Crocheting seems like one of those hobbies that really can go anywhere and you can do at any time. Unlike, say, cross-stitch which requires a bit too much prep and room to do properly and keep your project clean. I can’t wait to see what your gifts are!


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