Sunday Coffee – All the Books

IMG_4650April was a crazy month for me in books. Most months, I read anywhere from four to six books. In April? I read twelve. And that doesn’t include the three re-listens to the early Raven Cycle books leading up to the Raven King, or the multiple reads through the Raven King itself. Readathon made up nearly half of that total, of course, but mostly, this was a continuance of the sudden switch I had near the end of March where I moved from multi-reads to new material. I wanted to Read All The Books this month, and so I did. I imagine this will continue for awhile.

The month was great for writing, too, though now that I’ve finished my manuscript, I’m floundering a bit. I have no new project in front of me but my brain is yelling GO GO GO, so it’s like a car with spinning wheels and no traction. It’ll resolve itself in the next month, I’m sure. I always have a bit of this kind of thing when I’m done with a manuscript.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep reading a bunch and hopefully getting myself back on track in the health department, because I’ve been very, very lax since I began writing-like-crazy on March 7th. April was a terrible month for me in terms of exercise and eating well and all the rest. I definitely need to do better, and not let my messed up ankle and the awful heat that’s already descended on us and my anxiety triggers and my poor coping mechanisms keep me paralyzed.

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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – All the Books

  1. Congrats on finishing the manuscript! That’s very exciting. I’ve been reading a lot of famous authors’ “on writing” and they all stress the importance of pausing after a completed work, stepping away from it for a significant amount of time, and of course how difficult that is. Reading seems like a perfect way to get through it!


    • Amanda says:

      It really makes a huge difference. When you step back, your brain loses the familiarity that makes you skip over line-edit stuff (like flow and missing words, etc), while also giving you the emotional distance to be able to make cuts, see new solutions, etc. I tend to deal with this time by working on other manuscripts, but since it’s nearly summer and the boys will be home from school, I might just take this time to Read All The Books.

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