Breaking Up With Ipsy

About a year ago, I made the decision to start wearing makeup for the first time pretty much in my entire life. The goal was to try for a month. Then I kept wearing it, and in the summer, signed up for Ipsy as a way of trying out different kinds of products. In the beginning, I loved the program. After the first few months, I grew wary. This month, I canceled my subscription.

Two factors decided me. The first is to do with Ipsy itself. I’m not sure if my stylist just didn’t pay attention to my requests and preferences, or if the company simply doesn’t care what they send you. Either way, I kept ending up with products I’d specifically asked not to receive. For three months in a row, for example, I received eyebrow-related products. All three months, plus in my introductory survey, I said I had no interest in eyebrow stuff. And yet, the products kept coming. Then I started receiving stuff like perfume, to which I’m allergic – something I stated in the introductory survey. Since about October, I haven’t liked the majority of what’s come in my packages. The monthly cost, though small, no longer seems worth it.


(just plain me)

Second, and probably more important, are the changes that I’ve gone through myself. When I began wearing makeup a year ago, I was in a place of insecurity and reinvention. I started dressing up as a way to try to make myself feel better, and indeed it was nice when people paid me compliments. But honestly, I’m just not a makeup person. The stuff takes too much time, and the more stable, confident, and secure in myself I am, the less I’m inclined to wear it. I think I may have used makeup maybe twice or three times in 2016 so far. I just don’t care to take the effort.

Most people, I know, would see that as a sign of depression, but for me, it’s the opposite. Depression makes me more likely to act different from my normal self, in an attempt to defeat the depression. If I wanted to dress up but didn’t have the energy, sure, that would be depression. The fact that I never even think about makeup anymore shows that I’ve gotten past that place of insecurity and reinvention. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with my true self again.

I probably won’t stop wearing makeup altogether, but I certainly have no need for a subscription any longer, especially one that ignores my preferences.

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12 Responses to Breaking Up With Ipsy

  1. Heather says:

    I cancelled ipsy a while back, too. I don’t wear a lot of makeup or beauty products but I do love trying new things and finding hidden gems that you can’t find in places like Target or CVS. But I found with ipsy, I would only really like one or two things per bag, and even the stuff I did like was on the cheaper end and the quality wasn’t the greatest. If you like nail polish at all Julep is a GREAT subscription service. They do mostly nail polish with one or two additional items each month, always full-size. I know you said you’re not as into makeup so maybe that wouldn’t be for you either but you might enjoy!


  2. I’ve had a few dud items in my Ipsy bag, but I have the advantage of having a teen daughter obsessed with make-up. It tends to work out that the things I won’t use she is gaga over. Last autumn I saved one or two things from each bag and filled up her stocking.

    I think it is so important to figure out one’s signs of depression. Not wearing make-up is a sign of waning self-esteem that contributes to depression. I don’t wear make-up when I’m down on myself because I’m horrified at the notion of people looking at me.


    • Amanda says:

      Oh yeah, if I had someone to SHARE my ipsy with, it would be different I think. But I hate paying for something that I don’t want, and now not even really getting anything I’ll use, you know?

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  3. Kristen M. says:

    I’ve been paying attention to everyone else’s subscription boxes to see if there’s one I want to try. This one slowly went off my list because of people getting things they didn’t really want. What’s the point of paying money for that?


  4. gricel says:

    I cancelled my ipsy last month. I gave it six, but the last two months were a bust. I am a makeup girl, but I feel I can curate a much better collection with the amount I would spend in a year of ipsy bags. Instead, I’ve discovered samples from slightly more luxe, green brands. They give just enough to try things out and figure out it it’s worth the investment for a full size.


    • Amanda says:

      I feel like if I WAS going to continue with makeup, I could probably do better with my own money, now that I’ve done a good number of Ipsy months. The last few months really have been a bust.


  5. Kristilyn says:

    I rarely wear makeup these days … I’ve just started getting into a really simple routine for when we go out but even then I’ll have my days where I’ll moisturize and then use just a tinted lip balm and that’s it. I don’t understand having tons of different products since I have no clue how to use them anyway … and is there anything worse than removing makeup? I was with ipsy for a little while but then stopped mainly because of cost (since I’m in Canada) and also because you’re right, they don’t seem to listen to my preferences! I didn’t need tools but was always sent brushes and applicators, and it was getting annoying. Then I’d fall in love with a product to find that I couldn’t get it in Canada. I still miss those cute little bags, but it’s nice to not be committed to something like that anymore.


    • Amanda says:

      Oh yeah, I imagine shipping costs are awful like that! And no, the only thing worse than removing makeup is that feeling toward the end of the day where you just can’t wait to remove it and all your skin itches. Maybe that’s just me, though, with my ridiculously sensitive skin, ha!


  6. I’ve seen this same complaint about Ipsy before. Such a bummer—it makes you wonder why they even bother including the survey! Good for you for saving your money.

    I definitely find the opposite with me about makeup. It’s when I’m feeling good about myself that I actually want to take the time to put on eyeshadow and blush in the morning. Of course, there are the days where I can’t be bothered regardless of how I’m feeling, too! 😛


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