Top Ten Books On My 2015 Summer TBR

Just like I said with my 2015 Spring TBR Possibilities List, I would rather not be too heavy-handed in my choices for summer. I never really know what I’ll read in advance, as my mood will change as the months pass. The ten I’ve listed below seem like good summer choices now, but in a month? Who knows what I’ll feel like! I mean, looking back at the TBR Possibilities lists I’ve made in the last year, I read four off my fall 2014 list, four off my winter 2014/2015 list, and three off my spring 2015 list. That’s not a very good completion rate…

In any case, here’s my very tentative list of possibles for this summer:

invasion1. Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – On the fence with this one. I enjoyed the first book mostly, but I’ve heard mixed reviews…

2. The Secrets She Keeps by Deb Caletti – newest release by a favorite modern author

3. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell – This one still scares me, but I’d determined to try. Eventually. I have the audio to check out now…

4. Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski – lighthearted summer read

5. Dawn by Octavia Butler – because it sounds fascinating

PrudenceCover6. Prudence by Gail Carriger – not sure, might wait until fall, but I have in on audio just in case

7. The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida – cultural thriller that I want to investigate

8. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan – one of those “probably should read” books that I now have an actual recommendation for, from a trusted reader-friend

9. Middlemarch by George Eliot – still scares me, but again, determined to try, and the audio narrator is one of my favorites

10. Saffron Kitchen by Yasmin Crowther – cultural women’s fiction to investigate

What’s on your list? Are any of these books ones you’d recommend?


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10 Responses to Top Ten Books On My 2015 Summer TBR

  1. Karen K. says:

    I haven’t read Dawn by Octavia Butler but I loved Kindred. I’d love to read more of her work. Joy Luck Club is great, and I LOVED Middlemarch! OK, the first 100 pages were a little dry, but I was so glad I stuck with it! However, I do tend to love long Victorians. I hope you get to it!


    • Amanda says:

      I loved Kindred as well, and also Wild Seed, which I was told by a Butler enthusiast was her best. I’m so looking forward to Dawn. Also, I’m glad to get a second thumbs up on Joy Luck. You never know when super-hyped books will just fall flat!


  2. Lindsey says:

    Middlemarch is one I’ve been meaning to read for forever, but I always forget to consider an audiobook. Who reads that one?


    • Amanda says:

      My library has about fifteen different versions of the audiobook, all with different readers. !!! I got the one that Kate Reading reads, since she’s one of my favorite narrators.


  3. Michelle says:

    I’m so excited about Deb Caletti’s latest. I just love all of her novels!

    You should not be intimidated by Middlemarch. It’s a great book and well worth the time and effort it takes to read it.

    Good luck!


    • Amanda says:

      I’m glad to hear that about Middlemarch. I think I just started it at a bad time. Even then, I put it away instead of crossing it off the list.


  4. I am so bad about following reading lists these days. I have meant to read Middlemarch for so long now!


  5. Trish says:

    MIddlemarch is long but surprisingly readable. I bet the audio would be good, too. And I really enjoyed The Joy Luck Club–possibly more than I expected to. I will be curious what you think of Cloud Atlas. I wonder if I read it at the wrong time.


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