Sunday Coffee – The Great Laptop Kerfuffle

IMG_9931Back in June 2013, I got a new laptop. It was a PC, running Windows 8 – the first Windows computer I’d had in over five years. I’ve never really been a 100% Windows or Mac person. There are things I love and hate about both, and at the time of getting this new laptop, I was thoroughly irritated with the newest Mac OS, and Windows 8 was a thrilling new thing.

I loved Windows 8 in the beginning, though over time, as updates to the system made it more and more like older versions, I liked it less and less. Though it had been less than two years, I was starting to think about replacing the laptop. Problem was, as I said, it was less than two years old, and I didn’t have the money to buy a new Mac. Also, the new Macs were still running the OS I didn’t like. Plus, they all had flash memory instead of real harddrives, and I really didn’t want to deal with all that. I resigned myself to another few years with this laptop, with a watered down Windows 8.

And then, as I was drafting some blog posts on Monday morning, my laptop threw a kernel error, shut down, and died. It wouldn’t find the harddrive.

Luckily, I keep my computer backed up daily, so we knew a backup existed. Unfortunately, my computer was the only Windows computer in the house, so we couldn’t tell if the backup had worked. Cue frantic discussions of what I needed to do (try to pay to fix? upgrade to a convertible tablet? get a new Mac?), which eventually became: get another PC laptop with a real harddrive ASAP and pray that my backup (school files, novels, pictures…) was intact.

Several days later (despite “overnight shipping”), my new laptop arrived. My backup had worked. I still had to download some programs, getting my settings set, etc. Actually, I’m still getting all that worked out. But I have my new laptop, and it works, and I didn’t lose anything, and that’s good, yes? Now I just need to figure out what to name this particular laptop…


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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – The Great Laptop Kerfuffle

  1. How about Ouida? Ouida is the now forgotten author of many many books including the wonderfully Under Two Flags. Under Two Flags is about a man in the French Foreign Legion but the main reason to read it is a female character called Cigarette. She’s this fantastic figure who runs a sort of bar near the base in the desert. There’s this great scene where the mean are all trapped under fire about to be killed when suddenly a force appears on horseback led by Cigarette who’s brandishing a sword. Cigarette saves the day.

    Most of Ouida’s other books were about society. She’s not one of the greatest but she was one of the biggest sellers of the 19th century. Since your new computer is coming to the rescue like Cigarette, I nominate Ouida as it’s new name. 😉 Enjoy the new machine.

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  2. Trish says:

    Glad you were able to get the laptop so quickly and didn’t lose any of your data! I’m a desktop computer gal but I find that I’ve been using my Surface Pro a lot more and more just out of convenience. I’ve always been a Windows girl but have heard amazing things about Macs. Just don’t have patience to switch!


    • Amanda says:

      I’ve been using both platforms for a bajillion years so I can use either. I really loved the last Mac OS but am just not a fan of newer incarnations. I was really considering going for it, though, until I found out the new laptops don’t have real harddrives. That’s kind of a no-go for me.


  3. whatsheread says:

    Yikes! I’m glad you were able to get your new laptop relatively quickly and didn’t lose any data. That is always the scariest thing when getting a new computer, isn’t it? I hope this one stays healthy and useful for a long time to come!


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