City of Lost Dreams, by Magnus Flyte


The adventures continue for Sarah et al, as they search out a cure for Pollina’s illness, and Nico searches out some way to end his immortality. The book takes place mostly in Vienna this time, but with forays into Prague as well.

I was sad to learn that Sarah and Max had broken up prior to this book beginning. Boo. That made for a much less sexually-interesting book, to be honest. There were a few good encounters, but there wasn’t the tension that existed in the first book. The book also didn’t have the giant cast of characters, or the general zaniness of City of Dark Magic. It was a bit more subdued in general.

However, it was still a fun book, and after the slump of books I’ve read this November, it was great to dive back into a world I knew I would enjoy. It was good to see some familiar characters, though I do wish I’d gotten to spend more time with them, and interesting to meet new ones (again, wish I had more time, especially with Nina!). I’m hoping the next book will get back to the level of the first, but I definitely plan on reading it.

Middle book syndrome. It happens.

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