Readathon: Amphigory Also, by Edward Gorey

Amphigorey-Also-9780156056724This is the third collection of Gorey’s graphic short stories that I’ve read, and I actually think it might be the best of the three. I split it up a couple stories at a time all day during the Readathon (because I get tired of reading stories after 2 or 3), and that was the perfect way to do it! This collection has seventeen stories. Of them, I loved all but two, and I particularly adored three: “The Utter Zoo,” “The Broken Spoke,” and “The Prune People.”

“The Utter Zoo” is about the 26 animals (one for each letter) in this zoo, and I loved the Yawfle. I giggled for five minutes after seeing his panel:


“The Broken Spoke” is a collection of “bicycle cards” which range from elephant-and-bicycle cave drawings to religious tribute paintings to bicycles. The cemetery was my favorite.

“The Prune People” are collections of, um, people with prunes for heads. This one particularly struck me as ghost prune people are just as white as ghost regular people. 😀

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