The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett

thinmanThis is my third read by Hammett and probably my favorite. It’s a perfect detective story. I never suspected the actual criminal beforehand, despite having seen the movie a few years back (it’s also equally funny). (Shows how much I remembered that movie, no? Need to rewatch…) I learned a good bit about history while I read also, about prohibition and the Lindbergh baby, just by doing some additional spot-reading while I read. My favorite part about this book, however, is the dynamics between Nick and Nora. It’s rare in literature to see a long-time married couple who have have such a healthy relationship – not cute or romantic or anything, just healthy. They joke with each other, they aren’t jealous/suspicious, and they trust each other. Plus, they work well together, do things for each other, and have a wonderful give and pull sort of friendship and marriage. I thought the same when I saw the movie, and it makes me so happy to see marriage portrayed that way.


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