Readathon: Fade, by Lisa McMann

fadeNote: I can’t talk about this book without spoiling the first in the series, Wake, so please skip this if you plan to read Wake. There will be no spoilers for Fade in this review.

Quick summary: Fade continues where Wake ends, with Janie and Caleb working as undercover agents while finishing up their senior year at school. Janie’s physical health is deteriorating as she delves more into dreams, and her relationship with Caleb starts to get rocky as well as they work on their newest case.

My thoughts: Much like with Wake, I’m in two minds here. Loved the plot. It was a very fun book, and very fast. Great for Readathon. But didn’t like the writing. This time it felt less like the bones of good writing that needed refining, and more like an imitation of the tone of the first book. The narration didn’t stick with Janie and instead periodically dropped into Caleb’s viewpoint. That was jarring. The rocky tension between Janie and Caleb was eye-rollingly silly. It felt contrived. I would have liked it better had they just been a regular couple without all the melodrama. In many ways, I liked Wake better – it certainly seems as if I’m complaining more here than I did on the other book. But in other ways, Fade was better. The case that they work on – that part was amazing. There weren’t so many twists, and the underlying themes were clearer. I liked that. So again I’m just half and half. I’ll probably read Gone at some point, but I’m in no hurry.

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