Wake, by Lisa McMann

250px-Wake_by_lisa_mcmannShort summary: Ever since she was young, Janie has suffered from a condition that forces her to experience other peoples’ dreams. When she moves from observer to participant, however, her life spins drastically out of control.

I’m in two minds about this one. First and foremost, it sucked me in. It took me only a few hours to read. It captivated me and I found it fascinating. I even went and read the short story about Janie’s love interest, Cabel, online afterwards. However, it is not so terribly well-written. It feels like the NaNoWriMo version of a good book, the quickly tossed out bones of a wonderful story that had such a good premise that it got published before it was ready. There is some terrible writing in it, but the story is so fascinating that I loved it anyway.

Honestly, I hate when that happens. When I love a book, I want to love it wholly. I don’t want there to be that “I loved it but…” clause. Because really, with some work, this could be a fabulous book instead of just a good one. As it is, I had a lot of fun with it, and probably won’t remember it in a few months. It definitely made for a fun afternoon, though.

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