African Sojourn, by Uwe Ommer

african sojournI read this book as a companion to my Enchantment: Senegal book. It’s a book that is supposed to highlight the beauty of the female African body. West African, specifically (but not just Senegal). Unlike Native, the photography book that I read last month in my Brazil studies, this book didn’t feel beautiful or striking at all. It felt cheap. The pictures felt horribly stereotypical (because African women hunt naked with a rudimentary bow and arrow, right?) and on top of that, they were more p*rnographic than beautiful. There were actually pages torn out by former patrons who checked this out of the library, which is really disturbing to me. I generally like nude art, but I found this book to be in poor taste. Maybe it was just the time period – it was published in the mid-80s and feels very dated – but I didn’t like it at all.

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  1. Aris says:

    Agree, poorly disguised p-rnography indeed. Just got this book in a bulk purchase and content pictures, of which I didn’t need to see many ‘to get the picture’, so belie the dignified beauty on the cover. What drove him? Self-identification with male adult-adolescent category ..stuck in oogling etc? On his -short- Wikipedia page, this 1986 book is omitted. Belated pangs of conscience? Shame of having put on public display using an available innocent audience as prey in his scoring urge -dictated by immature male hormone propellants? Cheap -may yet need to wash his mind. My copy destroyed.

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