Native, by Mona Kuhn

Kuhn_Native_0I spent a lot of January studying and reading about Brazil, and supplemented all this by reading Native, a book of photography by Mona Kuhn. Kuhn is from Brazil and returned to it after being away for twenty years. The book is like a journey. The pictures depict the rainforest at different times of the day, architecture, furniture, running water, and the human body, both male and female. The composition of each picture was stunning, as well as her use of color. I’d read my friend Chris’ review of this book a few months ago and immediately knew I wanted to read it. I couldn’t find it anywhere in town, though, and was so grateful when Chris passed it to me when I was in New Orleans. I’ve looked through it several times now.

Kuhn’s website has so much more information about her and her work all over the world. It includes a couple pictures from Native as well as a huge portfolio of other work. In the Bio section, it has some interviews and information about how she works. I spent several hours going over her website and absorbing. I think I must find some other books of hers.

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