Betrayal, by Robin Wasserman

betrayalSo, to begin 2009, I continued the saga of J.D., the girl who woke up from an explosion with amnesia at the beginning of part I. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, which might give away spoilers from the last book. Trying to strip it down to bare essentials, J.D. and her friend Daniel continue on a quest to figure out where she’s come from, who she is, what people want with her, and where this special ability she has comes from. J.D. wants answers. She learns a lot about herself and the strength inside her throughout this book. She begins to recognize the difference between who she’s been honed to be and who she wants to be. And she is determined to get the truth at all costs.

I liked this book a lot. It was fast, fun, and the character development was well done. There were questions left unanswered, so I’m sucked into part III of this trilogy, but enough were answered that I didn’t feel unsatisfied like after the first book. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t stock part III, so I’m having to go through InterLibrary Loan for this book, which might take a month or more. Grr. Maybe I should go hang out at B&N for a couple hours one weekend and just read it.

Book 1: Awakening

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