Awakening, by Robin Wasserman

awakeningThis book is part 1 of a trilogy about a girl who wakes up with amnesia and who struggles to remember her past while also dealing with bizarre physical abilities and haunting hallucinations that might just be real.

I’m not sure what I think of this book yet. It ends in such a way that it feels like part 1 of a book, rather than part 1 of a trilogy. No closure, no answers. I will need to read the next books for it to fully make sense.

It was an easy read though, took me only a couple hours yesterday. Though this classifies as a YA book, the writing seemed much younger, more middle grade.

I’d hate to give a like/dislike analysis right now, because I simply don’t know enough yet. Is the girl schizophrenic and completely delusional? Does she really have the ability to destroy things she’s not touching? Are the people around her real or figments of her imagination? And who was she prior to waking up with amnesia? All questions that have no answers by the end of the first book, and some interesting implications on either side of the crazy/supernatural argument. So we’ll see. I’ll have to read the other two.

(PS – I love the cover art.)

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