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The Saffron Kitchen, by Yasmin Crowther (audio)

Maryam is an Iranian immigrant who has long lived in Britain with her British husband and a now-grown, pregnant daughter, Sara. When Maryam’s sister dies in Iran, her son comes to live with Maryam, dredging up a past that Maryam had long attempted to forget. … Continue reading

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Alif the Unseen, by G. Willow Wilson

Hiding under the handle of Alif, a young man fights back against the government censorship and violence via computer in an unnamed Middle Eastern city. When his lover leaves him to enter into the marriage her family has arranged for … Continue reading

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Destiny Disrupted, by Tamim Ansary (audio)

Subtitled: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes It comes as no surprise that different parts of the world view the history of the world in different ways, or that the western view of history that I learned in … Continue reading

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Together Tea, by Marjan Kamali

I’m taking a break from my HP rereading to escape into a few quiet, soft comfort books in December. Together Tea was first up on my list. The back of the book synopsis is a bit misleading, I felt, and the GoodReads … Continue reading

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Castle in the Air, by Diana Wynne Jones (audio)

In Zanzib, a city in a land south of Ingary, a carpet merchant named Abdullah dreams of meeting and falling in love with a princess. He buys a magic carpet from a stranger one day, and that night, finds himself … Continue reading

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Habibi, by Craig Thompson

This could have been a really nice story, with beautiful illustrations, all woven together very well. However, the cultural portrayals made me very uncomfortable, and I was very distracted by the constant vomiting and juvenile humor written/drawn throughout. I noticed a … Continue reading

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Shooting Kabul, by NH Senzai

I have a difficult time reading children’s or middle-grade fiction because I recognize too many of the elements that go into writing them. Shooting Kabul was no different, and at first I struggled, but the story was so engaging that … Continue reading

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