Sunday Coffee – Accidental Book Spine Poetry

Years ago, I saw my first book spine poetry as part of a challenge for Readathon participants. I thought it was so cool, but for that particular Readathon, I was at a hotel (woohoo!) with just the books I wanted to read during that time. No spine poetry capabilities. Later, when I tried to create spine poetry from my books at home, I discovered that I had no talent for it. There’s something abstract in trying to take in all the books on my shelves and bring it into a word formation. If all the titles were written in a list in front of me, I’d do better.

Anyway, last week I was scrolling through my library’s Wowbrary feed, and came across two sets of book-title poetry that created themselves! I loved them, so I needed to share them. I wish I had the actual books in front of me so that I could take photos of the poetry, but alas, writing it out will have to do!

glass bottle season
my murder
open throat
the hidden life of Aster Kelly

That one came from the YA Wowbrary feed. The second was from the audiobook feed, and it was absolutely the best. Short and sweet and so very accurate:

America the Beautiful?
And dangerous to know


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