Murderbot Party

Last weekend, J and I hosted a little Murderbot party. We had a few friends over to open some FunDelivered packages, using our little Roomba to determine who got to choose which packages. Normally, our Roomba is named J Edgar Hoover, because of course, but he had an alter-identity for this party and became a very balloon-lethal Murderbot.

Y’all may have seen something like this on Tiktok or Reels before. You set up a contained area, gadget up your Roomba with sharp objects, throw out balloons to represent the folks at the party, and see who the Roomba takes out first. Ha! It took us a few tries to get the right configuration of sharps to make this work – ended up being sewing-machine needles up on a block – but eventually, our Murderbot began popping their way through the balloons, and all our packages were distributed.

It was a cut little party. There weren’t a whole lot of great packages, though we did get one very large Shein haul, a Hello Kitty crossbody purse, some epic sunglasses, silicone tart pans, and a few other things. A lot of junk too, though, but it’s not about what you get. It’s about the experience, and we all had quite a lot of fun.

After the party ended, J, L, and I went down to Nowhere Bookshop to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day. It was quite busy, so I’m glad it was well attended for the event. As usual, we spent way too much money. Not going to complain at all about that!


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