Little White Lies, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I don’t usually buy books that I haven’t already read except under very specific circumstances (like knowing the author and their books very well). I’ve made an exception to that rule a few times over the last three years for Book of the Month, but for the most part, buying unknown books is strictly a nope. That’s what libraries are for! That’s also what makes this particularly book unusual.

Not only was this an unknown-to-me novel, it was an unknown novel, period. This was a Blind Date With a Book selection at Nowhere Bookshop, and the only descriptors I had was in the following list: fish out of water; dangerous debutants; uncovered secrets; paternity search; southern charm. I haven’t included a description of the book in this review because that list of descriptors already sums the book up perfectly.

I’ll admit, I was surprised and a little concerned when I opened the wrapping on my Blind Date. Little White Lies is WAY outside my comfort zone. From the list, I knew it wouldn’t be exactly my typical book, but my impression from the cover and book jacket wasn’t the best. Of course, I knew when I chose it blindly that there was always the possibility that my money would be going to waste, that I would read a few pages and cull. But hey, you have to give it a chance, right?

And it turned out that this book is exactly what I needed! I was hooked immediately and sped through all almost-400 pages in two days. It was silly, and a bit unrealistic, and especially thick on the bless-your-heart stereotypes, and I loved every page of it. You can’t ask for a better experience than that. Someone at Nowhere has some good picking prowess!

While this book is mostly standalone, there are a few little hints and fallouts that need to be wrapped up. The sequel is called Deadly Little Scandals, and it looks to be the only follow-up. I will happily grab that one from the library and read it in the near future. Hopefully it lives up to the first!


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