Sunday Coffee – Brain Offline

This morning, I’m meant to be driving out to Inks Lake, my favorite state park, with a friend to go hiking up to the waterfalls. Only we had to cancel because suddenly there’s meant to be storms and pouring rain, so now I’m here, drinking my coffee, trying to think of something to write because in all honesty, I usually pre-draft or at least pre-plan much of what I talk about on Sundays and just finish up over coffee.

It’s been one of those weeks that feels endless but also like it didn’t happen. Last weekend was a blast. Unicorn had his Freedom Run and then I went to hike a new-to-me park with my group. That same evening, I went to my uncle’s 60th birthday party and got to see some aunts that I hadn’t seen Thanksgiving of 2019!! Then my friend Sarah and I had our Big Tree photo session on Sunday with drinks afterwards. But then the weekend ended, and since then, I’ve been in a time loop.

Rain, rain, rain. We need it, but oh man it can be exhausting. I edited the weekend photos, caught up on little things that I’d neglected over the weekend, searched for artists, binged-watched TV reruns for no reason, caught up on podcasts, did a puzzle, and barely left the house. It was a lot of busyness to mask the not-great I felt. I won’t say it was bad, because I generally have a dip or crash in January, and this was definitely a dip year. I appreciate not crashing. But it’s been a bit of a nothing week, so I have nothing really to write about. Things move along, as they do, and sometimes you just don’t have much to say, no?

I realized while searching for an old post on my blog the other day that I’ve been writing these Sunday Coffee posts for 8.5 years now. I mean, I used to do Sunday Salon posts, during the original Zen Leaf years, before I took the show offline for a year or 18 months. When I re-created the blog in August 2014, I started doing Sunday Coffee instead, and it’s remained consistent, if unpredictable (heh). I was surprised by how long it’s been, mostly because in my head it still feels like 2018. It’s hard to imagine that I’m so far out from the horrific year we lived in Boston! But hey, that’s a subject already hashed over too many times, and I’ve meandered enough in this midway-through-coffee mess of a post, so I hope you all have a good week. Mwah!


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