Sunday Coffee – And he’s gone again

Just over three weeks since Laurence arrived home for winter break, he’s once again back in Canada for his spring semester. This is potentially the last time we’ll see him in person until next winter, because he’s talking with someone about getting an apartment together over the next year, including summer, in order to keep working at his job and on some of his theatre production things. So we’ll see.

Anyway, it’s been lovely having him home. Laurence loves board/card games, so we played a lot over of them. Anomia, 5 Second Rule, Cat Lady, Scattegories, Trivial Pursuit, Scene It, Apples to Apples, and more that I can’t think of immediately. We all played Wii Sports and Wii Games (very old school!), watched tons of movies (mostly Jason and Laurence), saw a lot of football, and visited many of the restaurants and stores that L missed. There were practical things too, like replacing his shoes and repairing a ripped portion of his coat. Mostly, though, it was just quiet time at home mixed with some outings, which is very US of us.

Laurence’s first flight was super early yesterday morning – as in, get up at 4am kind of early – and he had several extended layovers, so that he didn’t arrive until past midnight in his time zone. Poor kid. Of course, he didn’t actually text Jason or me to tell us he’d arrived, and I’m sure he’s still asleep atm, so we won’t find out until later today that he’s made it back to his dorm after staying the night with a friend. But we know he boarded the last plane, so hopefully it all went well after that and his friend picked him up without a hitch.

Now empty-nesting resumes, and I think my heart is a little more at peace with it than it was back in Aug/Sept.


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