Horrorstör, by Grady Hendrix

The Cuyahoga branch of Orsk – a knockoff Ikea – has never performed as well as other branches. Now, damage is occurring overnight, and Amy is roped into a night shift to catch whoever is prowling the store when closed. Only, these prowlers aren’t exactly alive, and they aren’t exactly friendly…

One moral of the story: Maybe don’t build on top of sites that lend themselves toward demonic haunting activity, like, say, asylums or labor prisons or burial grounds. Because haunted houses are bad enough. Haunted big box stores are worse. Another moral: Big box stores are also kinda creepy without the paranormal bits, and often they aren’t all that great at taking care of their employees, even when said employees are indoctrinated with company spirit.

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this one. My previous experience with Hendrix wasn’t great, but a friend encouraged me to give this one a try, so I did. It was good. Silly, over the top, but funny in a good way. Maybe a bit too much gore for me in the second half, but not so bad that I had to stop reading. Plus it’s nice to see through the comedic elements to the anti-consumerist, capitalist satire underneath.

PS – Read the item descriptions that precede each chapter. They’re some of the best parts.


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