The Kiss Curse, by Erin Sterling

Gwen is perfectly happy with the way life is going in Graves Glen. Magic has been rightfully returned to her family’s lineage, her cousin is happy in her new marriage, her shop is doing well, and Gwen has even started to mentor some younger witches in town. The last thing she needs is another Penhallow witch coming over from Wales, especially one as stiff and arrogant as Llewellyn (or Wells, as he prefers). Gwen already knew she could never forgive Wells for his absence at her cousin’s wedding to his brother, Rhys, and her animosity only increases when he sets up a competing shop directly across the street from her. But a burning animosity is like playing with emotional fire, and fire can get really dangerous, really quickly…

Okay so yeah, this is classic enemies to lovers romance, with magic and witchy elements. It’s Halloween and talking cats and plastic pumpkins and festivals; it’s dark magic and evil witches and torture devices and glamour; it’s edible body glitter and love potions and sex under the stars. And while I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I did The Ex Hex, I still loved the hell out of it. Gwen was a brilliant heroine and I loved getting to know her better. I also liked getting to known Rhys’ brothers better, and I wonder if Bowen will feature in the next book! My only real quibble was probably my own fault, as I was focused on the wrong red herring for almost the entire story. That made the resolution with regards to one particular issue feel a little anticlimactic for me. But honestly, without getting into spoilers, I have a feeling that issue might also feature in the next book of the series.

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed this one, and it was perfect for the season!

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