Sunday Coffee – Muslim Culture Fest

Last weekend was my first proper girls’ day out in quite some time, and a great way to kick off October! October is generally a busy time for me. There are a lot of events going on that I love, and the weather is just starting to turn, which gives me a lot of energy. So when my friend Alia asked a group of us if we wanted to go with her up to Austin for the first annual Muslim Culture Fest, I jumped at the opportunity!

In the end, after expected last minute cancellations, there were half a dozen of us who ended up traveling up to Austin in two cars. I drove with Alia and Sisa because the three of us had more open plans and didn’t have to get back to San Antonio so quickly. The weather wasn’t super cool but also wasn’t tremendously hot, so it was a perfect day for the event. The Mexican American Cultural Center was kind enough to be a venue for the festival, which featured lectures, performances, food, art, and various small businesses.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t expect to buy much at this event. I’m not really one for buying things at festivals, beyond maybe a small souvenir. When I saw they had a henna artist, I knew that I would go for that, but I expected that to be all. Ha! There were so many lovely things and while I managed to hold back a lot, I did end up buying stickers, artwork, and perfume in addition to a henna design. Plus food of course. It was all just so lovely, and the venders and visitors were all the kindest people ever.

Alia, Sisa, and I stayed for about 5-6 hours, until the sun was starting to get really oppressive and we’d been on our feet long enough to feel tired. Other than wishing I had more disposable income – because there were sooooo many things I loved – it couldn’t have been a better day.

And to make things even better, the next day, a big group of us got together at our friend Lindsay’s house to watch Hocus Pocus 2 together. (It was adorable. I loved it and I won’t hear a negative word about it!) Two girls’ days out in one weekend?? Just what I needed after feeling so isolated and depressed for the last few months!


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