Sunday Coffee – The Cutest Menu Items

Meet Panini and her three little boys, Kimchi (orange), Gazpacho (black), and Schnitzel (brown tabby). It’s been a few weeks since we had fosters. Lilo and Stitch went back to the shelter in mid-August, and both have since been adopted (yay!). The rest of August was spent taking our permanent cats to the vet for their annual checkup, in addition to getting Laurence ready for his move to Canada.

Once Laurence had moved out, Jason and I set to making some changes in the house. Basic things – offloading some furniture that was no longer needed, rearranging rooms and such. The longterm plan is to convert the boys’ old bedroom into a combo foster room, office, and makeshift bedroom for when Laurence comes back in the summers. For now, the extra furniture (that we don’t need but can’t get rid of until bulky item pickup in late September) is set into one corner of the room, and otherwise, we’ve arranged it into a passable room for foster kitties.

And here we are! Mama Panini is super sweet and very lonely. She loves constant cuddles (to the point where we need to leave the room when the babies are hungry, because she’s more interested in pets than feeding, ha!). She’ll probably calm down after a bit, but for now she’s almost aggressively affectionate. The babies are absolutely adorable. Schnitzel loves belly rubs. Kimchi is very active and strong and loud. Gazpacho doesn’t like his sleep to be disturbed, and I caught him with a blep twice in his first day with us. They were a week old on Friday, when they came home to us, so their eyes are still closed and they’re more worm-like than kitten-like, and so adorable. They’ll be with us for seven weeks or so, until they’re old enough and weigh enough to be neutered and put up for adoption. Since they’re going to have constant human contact that whole time, from such a young age, they’re going to be extremely sweet just like bottle babies.

Oh it makes me so happy to have fosters in the house again! If you need me, I’ll be off petting babies!

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