And off he goes…

There have been a lot of goodbyes lately. Yesterday, Ambrose went to a hotel for the pre-basic-training overnight stay. Today there is likely a ceremony to swear him in before he gets on a bus bound for the Air Force base across town where they have AF basic training. He asked us not to attend. Ambrose has never liked a fuss of any kind, and he would have been embarrassed to have us be at that initial swearing in ceremony. As difficult as that is as parents, we’re respecting that request.

Over the weekend, we tried to do everything we could to say our early goodbyes. Ambrose’s birthday isn’t until late July, but he’ll be smack in the middle of boot camp at the time, so we celebrated early with some bowling, berry cheesecake, a night at a restaurant, and of course some gifts. Jason also took him shopping for all the basics he might need at Basic, and we shaved down his sweet curls so that the initial haircut everyone receives at Basic would be easier on him (he really hates his hair being pulled). We took some pictures right before he left.

This is the second time I’ve sent a kid off to the military. It didn’t work out so well the first time, ending with a medical discharge for mental health reasons not long into boot camp. I can’t help but worry about Ambrose going into the same situation, especially as AF boot camp takes place in San Antonio, and we’re in the middle of a sustained heat wave that is breaking records every day, and doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. Temps in the 105+ range with heat indexes of 110+ is really miserable for those of us who can stay inside and do nothing, and for those who have to be running outside in boots and pants and long sleeves? Oy.

I just hope Ambrose survives and finds his rhythm there in the Air Force, and we can see him at graduation sometime in August, before he gets sent to whatever cryptology program/schooling he’s supposed to attend for the next two years. I’m anxious and worried and proud and hopeful all at once.

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