The Paris Apartment, by Lucy Foley

Five floors, nine residents, one missing. Jess arrives to join her brothers in his Paris apartment, but he’s gone. None of the other apartment residents seems to know what happened to Ben, but they also don’t seem to be telling the truth. Something is rotten beneath the upscale exterior of this building.

I don’t have much to say about this book. It was a fun thriller with some twists I didn’t guess until literally a page or two before the reveals, and with no sudden extra twist to ruin everything at the end. None of the characters were particularly likable, so if that’s not your kind of thriller, don’t bother. That doesn’t bother me, though, and I enjoyed the round-robin style narration hopping from Jess to each of the other residents to tell the story.

There’s one trigger warning I have to give, though, and unfortunately it would also potentially be a spoiler, so highlight at your discretion: (highlight to read) TW for sex trafficking (end).

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