A Stitch in Time, by Kelley Armstrong (audio)

Bronwyn hasn’t been back to Thorne Manor since her uncle died when she was fifteen. Now, her aunt has also passed, and left the house to her. Bronwyn has to face the secrets of her past, confronting what she’s been persuaded to believe was a mental breakdown in her teen years. That’s more reasonable than ghosts, and time travel, and an imaginary friend who may not have been so imaginary…

Holy shit, this book was…delicious! For a first book of the year, it really bodes well. The story was interesting. The mystery absolutely blindsided me when I really thought I had the answer. The fantasy elements blended perfectly into reality. Bronwyn was a delight of a character, a confident and well-balanced woman in her late 30s who prioritized her career and mental health over romance and self-sacrifice. William was a person flawed by his time period and culture, but willing to learn and treat Bronwyn with the respect she demanded. The sexy parts were perfectly integrated and extremely well-written. And the conclusion? Couldn’t have asked for better! Really, I could say that about the entire book – feminism, body positivity, gender-inclusiveness, focus on career and community, romance that wasn’t all-consuming, a touch of the paranormal/fantasy, great sex, and lots of kittens. Again: I couldn’t have asked for better.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. This one is standalone, the “second” book related to some side characters, which makes it even more perfect. No cliffhangers! Why have I never read anything by Kelley Armstrong before?? Are all her books this lovely?

Performance: The audiobook was narrated by Samantha Brentmoor. It’s my first book by her, and I was impressed. The book goes through a range of accents, none of which struck me as false or weird. (I’m not from the UK, though, so while most of the book is spoken in a north American accent, I can’t truly vouch for the UK versions.) I hope she reads further volumes of the series!

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