The Cousins, by Karen McManus

Twenty-five years ago, the Story children were suddenly cut from the family with a cryptic note from their mother: You know what you did. Except they don’t, or at least they claim that they don’t. Now, another inexplicable letter from the family matriarch arrives, inviting her three grandchildren to work on her island over the summer. The cousins go at their parents’ urging, each with different hopes for what this opportunity will mean. Secrets are only buried until someone digs deep enough to find them, and this will be the summer they come to light.

I don’t have a lot to say about this book. I enjoyed it, unraveling the mystery slowly and figuring things out a few chapters ahead of the three island guests. The rotating narration was fun, though admittedly, each cousin sounded exactly like the other in narration, so I sometimes forgot which point of view I was reading. Every few chapters, there would be a chapter from the summer of 1996, told from the POV of the only female Story child, which helps bring the mystery to light. (Yes, I was amused that the “past” that the cousins think of as distant was from 1996/1997. I’m apparently the same age as the Story children.) The ending was quite appropriate, with no unnecessary last-second twists so often in adult thrillers and mysteries. It was a fun experience. Plus, I just love reading books about cousins, because cousins are the best!

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