Sunday Coffee – 100 Happy Days, Part 3

Today marks Day 75 or the 3/4 part of this project. I started the challenge due to mental health issues, and honestly, I haven’t found that it has helped. Of course, the mental health issues over the last few months have been due to physical health issues outside my control, so it’s no surprise that a daily photo challenge hasn’t changed anything. On the other hand, I look back over what’s come of the last 75 days with a bit of fondness. At least I have photographs of one happy moment each day. In time, I’m sure I’ll look back on this time with more nostalgia than I would have otherwise, all due to the challenge. Sometimes, that’s all you can ask.

A sampling of photos from this quarter, which ran from October 21st to November 14th, are below, in no particular order:

From 11/9 – Jason brought home powdered sugar donettes! These are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. They’re awful and I love them.

From 10/25 – an eastern tiger swallowtail in my garden (I’ve been trying to spot one of these for MONTHS with no luck, and since we cut down all the mostly-dead flowers, I thought butterfly season was over – then this little one appeared!!)

From 11/7 – This is a multifold happy moment. First, my cousin Byron was in town and wanted to get together for a lunch. Even though it was last minute, a bunch of my cousins and I were able to get there. Second, we ate at a restaurant that Jason and I have been going to since 2006, and haven’t been to in person since the pandemic began. (We’ve had curbside pickup from there, but it was nice to be back in person.) The third reason is a thing discussed at lunch, which is intangible but made me so happy!

From 10/23 – Originally, I thought we would just be planting our aloe in the future succulent garden area, but instead we decided to do the entire mini-succulent garden! Mini-succulents make me so happy!

From 11/12 – LOOK AT THEM HOLDING HANDS!! My babies are so sweet now. And still have no homes. So in the meantime, we just enjoy them. Ms Gherks and Angy-boi decided to take a nap together in the rocker I use most often. Cats always gravitate to the places that smell most like their humans – pillows, most-used chairs, etc. These little ones are no exception. (PS – Angus is like twice as big as Gherkin now that they’ve grown into almost full cat size!) (PPS – Yes, Gherkin’s belly is shaved. She had her spay surgery a couple weeks back.)

As I’ve said in past posts, if you want to follow along and see all the photos, I’m posting them both on Facebook and my Instagram.

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