Wellness Wednesday – Hikes of 2021, #36-40

Compared to the early parts of the year, I’ve done just about no hiking for months! Most of what I’ve done has been at my local trails, so that gets repeated a lot here. But seriously, five hikes in over two months is uuuuuugh. Also, I really look forward to seeing some new parks soon.

36. After six weeks mostly off exercise, I decided to go for a short, gentle hike, to give my foot a try. Jason went with me, as I still had the bandages on my wrist, only one week out from surgery, and couldn’t drive yet. It was an event hike with lovely light, and we had fun noticing all these little things, like googly eyes on signs. I brought my telephoto lens and got a fun photo of the city skyline (about 20 miles away, but visible on the overlook in decent weather). [Hike 22/52 for my 52 Hike Challenge.]

37. With my foot doing okay and the dressing off my wrist, I set up my first led hike since May 2nd. The evening ended up scorching, so all but two hikers decided to bow out (I don’t blame them!!). The three of us had a nice time, though. I have to say, after so many weeks of inactivity and sitting around, my back was killing me on this hike. I had to stop to stretch a few times. Ugh. [Hike 23/52 for my 52 Hike Challenge.]

38. Two days after my previous hike, I broke or sprained my toe, which meant there was another really long gap of inactivity, UGH. Near the end of July, I started trying to venture out again, and decided to explore the new expansion trails at my normal running park. I thought there were meant to be some natural trails but didn’t find any. I did have a butterfly land on my head, and a frog hopped across the sidewalk in front of me (but I didn’t pull the camera out quickly enough!). [Hike 24/52 for my 52 Hike Challenge.]

39. Woohoo! An actual group hike! My toe isn’t entirely healed, and after the previous evening’s walk, I decided to hike this in my hiking sandals. It was my second time wearing them, and sadly they gave me blisters under my feet. Oh well. But it was nice to get out with friends again, and to find a fun new offering up on the artwork on top of the hill. [Hike 25/52 for my 52 Hike Challenge.]

40. It is soooooo hot. We did this hike under brutal sun and 85+ degree temps at 8am. Oy. At least we got to see this adorable frog as we started and ended the hike. He was sunning himself on an exercise post, ha! [Hike 26/52 for my 52 Hike Challenge – halfway!]

***Begging the universe for a break in the heat soon. We’re dying down here in south Texas…

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