Wellness Wednesday – I need my own TV show.

I’m supposed to get my stitches out this morning, yay! It’s been 13 days since my surgery, and let’s just take a moment to discuss the medical situation over the last less-than-two-weeks.

First, I went home from surgery. No problem. Yay.

Second, I had a follow up appointment with my primary care provider (PCP), five days after surgery. Good news: My blood pressure was awesome after only a week on the new meds. Bad news: We needed to order more bloodwork now.

Third, and this isn’t really date specific, can I just mention how awful it is to have one wrist wrapped in bandaging and a very black angry bruise on the other arm? (That photo is only the beginning. That entire area turned solid black a few days after I took this.) I’ve had to start answering people’s questions with, “I had a cyst removed from the wrist, and look how awful, they missed on their first try with the IV, isn’t this a horrible bruise?” Too many folks were taking me aside to ask if I felt safe at home. I mean, glad they’re asking – if I was actually unsafe at home, it would be good to have people looking out for me – but also I kinda wish it was long-sleeves weather.

Fourth and fifth, more rounds of imaging! I had an ultrasound of my left leg (confirmed: ultrasound wands pressed on the tendons of your inner thigh and groin are extremely ticklish in a horrible way) and a CT scan of my abdomen. Results to follow on my next f/u appoint with my PCP in July.

Sixth: Chiropractor. At least that was all just maintenance.

Seventh: Gastro specialist yesterday, who scheduled an endoscopy and small intestine biopsy in July. Guess who has to go under anesthesia and have another IV and surgery? *raises hand* Sigh.

Y’all I’m so sick of medical procedures now. Really, really sick of medical procedures. Send help. SOS. Heh. Really, though, I think I just need my own medical drama series, because it feels like that kind of soap opera at this point. I just have to keep telling myself, maybe one day all of this will matter, someone will find something, it won’t just be pointless, maybe we can figure out what’s wrong…

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  1. Oh no. Hope things look up soon.

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