Sunday Coffee – Podcast and Song Recommendations

Last year, I found my first ever Podcast that I enjoyed – Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast. Since then, I’ve found two others. The first is the weekly Unsolved Mysteries podcast, which only began this year. The second is The Battersea Poltergeist, which is a short set of episodes on the topic from the BBC. Beyond this, I’ve never been able to get into podcasts, but recently I’ve really wanted more to listen to. Despite all of the above being either paranormal or paranormal/true crime, I’m actually open to suggestions on just about any topic, so feel free to tell me about all your favorites! I’m just as picky in this area as in books and music, so who knows what I’ll actually settle on, but I’d love more!

I’m also looking for song recommendations. I’m in the process of making a playlist from songs that make me feel like I can take on the world with my bare hands. I’ve posted about this on FB and Insta already, and gotten many wonderful suggestions to sort through. But I thought I’d ask here too. Some of those already on my list include This Is Me from the Greatest Showman, Move Along by The All-American Rejects, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Blauw Angel by Umbrella Brigade, Feel This Moment by Pitbull/Christina Aguilera, and Good Girls by Elle King. It’s a very eclectic list and is only likely to get more so! So give me all your suggestions please!

PS – Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! It’s a weird year for us – my boys are really too old to hunt eggs and neither really wanted to just at the house, and my family still isn’t getting together so much re: covid and the recent death in the family. So we bought a couple bags of candy and I think we’re going to go play crochet in the park today.

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