Sunday Coffee – Goals for February

When I created my 2021 goals back in December, I created them based on the reality that I was living at the time, a reality that involved Something Being Wrong and me not knowing what that Wrong Thing was. When I suddenly discovered the Devil-Bed situation at the end of the month, everything I knew just flew out the window. I’m starting from scratch with my health – something I’ll soon discuss more fully – and I no longer have any idea whether my goals for 2021 are relevant. They very well may be. It takes a long time to recover from something like 5+ years of sleeping on a mattress you’re allergic to. I chose not to change my goals for that reason – I didn’t want to take things too fast and potentially set myself up for failure before I had a clear picture of where my health would go this year.

However, I have a confession to make. I’m not a huge fan of nebulous goals. I like concrete actions and concrete markers with which to measure my progress. At the same time, I know that 2021 is not a good year for grand ambitions. Not only is my personal situation iffy, but there’s the whole covid situation to think about.

So, to compromise, I’ve made myself a list of February goals. None of these are inconsistent with my yearly intentions, and I rather hope that they’ll help. Time will tell if these are helpful or add an additional burden to my days, and from there, I’ll see what I want to do next month.

  • Finish YWA Breath (currently way behind, on Day 13)
  • Walk/run/hike 40+ miles
  • File our taxes and put any refund toward debts
  • Plant 1-2 trees in the backyard (February is ideal planting time in SA)
  • Attempt to learn macrame
  • Finish reading the magazines I bought in December (for my Vision Board)
  • Get my room in order (wood painted, decor back up, etc)
  • Learn how to use my new (refurbished) manual camera that Jason got me (!!!)

I’ll check back in next month with my progress.

About Amanda

Writing. Family. Books. Crochet. Fitness. Fashion. Fun. Not necessarily in that order. Note: agender (she/her).
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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Goals for February

  1. Eight things is a compromise? 😉 But srsly for me, two things would be good for me in a month or any month.


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