Sunday Coffee – Winter Bucket List

Unlike my summer and fall bucket list / sketchbook / goal thingies, I don’t really have definite ideas about dates for similar winter and spring projects. Both summer and fall are very clearly defined in my mind – one by the boys’ summer break, one bookended by the beginning of the RIP reading event and the day after Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to move directly in from season to season – it’s nice to have a break of a few weeks between each of these little projects! So I chose somewhat arbitrary dates for my winter goals. Well, the dates themselves are significant, just not significantly winter. I’ve chosen to make this project an anniversary-to-birthday project, to go from December 22nd to March 1st. Since it’s not a leap year, this is exactly ten weeks, and hey, I do like these sorts of things to be tidy! Heh. So here is what I’ve got planned. With 20 tasks, it’s slightly more than my summer goals, but not quite the insanity that was my fall list.

In no particular order:

  • Complete YWA Breath
  • Give blood
  • Walk/hike a new-to-me park/area
  • KonMari catch-up of my room/clothes
  • Volunteer at the library (if allowed)
  • Walk the wiggly sidewalk
  • Create a 2021 vision board
  • Finalize my 2021 goals
  • Learn more about photography
  • Fireside night with the fam
  • Update my bucket list
  • Run the ASPCA 5K
  • Support a local/small business
  • Zero out my podcast backlog
  • Build the wall around the front tree (next phase of xeriscaping)
  • Catch up on backlogged medical appointments (2+)
  • Host a personal (at home, just us) Super Bowl party
  • Do a personal tarot reading for 2021
  • Use up 10+ cubes of scented wax (still cutting down the excess!)
  • Read 1+ of the Sanderson drafts I have waiting for me

About Amanda

Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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  1. The virus messing up the tennis season has messed up my seasons. Summer starts when the first ball of the French Open is struck, and ends when the final ball of the US Open is struck. Until 2020, when the French Open was played in October …

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