Sunday Coffee – Favorite Photos of October

I had a lot of fun playing with my camera in October. It’s just an iPhone camera, but the iPhone 11 (not pro) actually does a decent job with a lot of shots. Especially outdoors. I ended up having to cull my favorite photos down from almost twenty initial choices! Only after I finalized my top dozen did I realize that all but one photo was taken outdoors, and seven of the twelve were taken on group hikes!

Left to right: Atticus tries to eat the grass while outside on his new harness and leash (we’re working on it, since he desperately wants to be outside); the giant tree at a nearby park that’s invisible from the trail (this photo doesn’t even begin to capture the majesty and size of it!); miniature portraits painted on wooden walls along the Riverwalk

Top left: Jennine on top of a foggy mountain. Bottom left: Spot the froggie! Right: the medieval-style tower at the top of Comanche Lookout Park with the full/blue moon rising on Halloween

Left to right: Gavroche models; painted rock found at my local library; night shot of group hiking in the dark on Halloween (lit by flashlight, blurred through multi-second light uptake – it just looked so cool!)

Left to right: shadow walk as I wait for Laurence’s wisdom teeth surgery to finish; scenery along the Riverwalk; Jason extinguishes our fire (again with the multi-second blurring)

As always, these photos were taken by me with no filters on them. I think technically, the “portrait” mode on the iPhone might count as a filter? If so, then the photo of Gavroche has it on there. But if it’s just a lens-focusing, then no. In any case, I didn’t do any editing/filtering after taking the photos. Besides of course putting them into these collages! Heh.

(photo credit: AP)

PS – I am very happy about the news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election. I have a whole story about finding out (if you’ve seen facebook or instagram, you already know, but of course I have to put it here too!), but I was out most of yesterday and will be out again for a big chunk of today, so I don’t have time to write that up at the moment. This post was already pre-drafted so it will work for today! In any case, congrats to our new President-elect and our first-ever female, Black, Asian-American vice president! So many historical statements in the latter half of that sentence!

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