A Witch in Time, by Constance Sayers

Helen is miserable post-divorce, and her first blind date doesn’t go well. In fact, it goes so poorly that she ends up meeting a man who claims to have known her for over 100 years and four lifetimes of heartache. Helen could just write him off as crazy, except these past lives are encroaching on her dreams, and the man is strangely compelling…

I don’t know why I do this to myself. There is some part of me that desperately loves reincarnation stories, especially reincarnation stories with star-crossed lovers, but that same part of me is always disappointed by what I read. That holds true here, too. The story was definitely not what I craved, and beyond that, it felt weird and scattered and clunky in a lot of ways that would have put me off even without my bizarre love-hate relationship with reincarnation. There were just so many things that felt off: extraneous detail that unnecessarily padded out the book; a present-day timeline that wasn’t very fleshed out; a weird love triangle where Helen (and her past-selves) seemed to have no real opinion as to where her love should end up. The past-life stories were actually quite interesting, and maybe in another format and without the weird love triangle, I would have liked the book. But as it stands, I was disappointed. And also sad that it wasn’t spookier – I kinda expected a book about a witch and a curse to be RIP material, but the witch part was extremely minor (and not really important) and the curse wasn’t the spooky kind. Oh well.

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