The Haunting of Ashburn House, by Darcy Coates

When Adrienne inherits Ashburn house, it feels like a godsend. She’s homeless, with almost no income, and without any family to turn to. The dilapidated condition of the house gives her pause, but at least it’s a roof, right? Unfortunately, Ashburn house is filled with uneasiness – from scratched messages in all the rooms to legends of madness and ghosts. And something is causing mayhem, whether an intruder intent on scaring Adrienne, or tricks of her imagination, or…something else.

I needed something light and fast-paced after the darkness of Mexican Gothic. I heard about this book in passing and immediately ordered it from the library. It was exactly what I needed right now, and the perfect creepy RIP book! Hauntings, ghosts, dark magic, madness, legends, murder, and possession…this book had it all. Not in a disjointed, overstuffed kind of way. It was atmospheric, well-plotted, and fun to read.

The only major drawback for me was right about the 2/3rds mark, when the reader first catches sight of the villain/culprit. You know how in horror movies, it’s creepier before you actually see the monster? Putting a face on something often dials down the scare-factor, and it was the same in this book. While the last third of the book was compelling, it wasn’t nearly as chilling. I don’t know that there was any real solution to that issue, because the revelation was quite important. But I missed the creep-factor of the unknown.

Still, I hear that Coates has quite a few creepy novels out – more awesomeness to explore and freak myself out with late at night this fall!

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