Sunday Coffee – Favorite Photos of July

My photos for July are going to look quite different since I spent most of the month in Wisconsin! But here they are – and as always, these are taken by me with no filters on them. I’m not a good photographer and I don’t claim these are all great photos, but I love each of them for one reason or another!

Left to right: I clicked to take a photo of Lexie, who was lying calmly on my shoulder, when she stealth-licked me on the mouth and this was what the camera caught (ha!!); my in-laws’ front porch that I love so much; a celebratory breakfast of stuffed french toast with fruit

Left to right: Ash looking far healthier than he did when we left; Laurence’s haircut with Ambrose photobombing behind him; homemade cherry pie

Left to right: Wally enjoying the sidewalk; a beautiful purple flower with tiny bee in the center; my new awesome haircut

Left to right: fun flowers in my MIL’s garden; out on the trails now that I’m home; the one time I “hiked” in WI, photo of the canopy above us

About Amanda

Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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