Sunday Coffee – Addiction

Coffee coffee coffee. Coffee.

I could end the post that way, but I won’t. Ha!

So…um…I made a mistake. Earlier this year, I talked about the experiments I was doing with coffee to see what, if anything, might be affecting my inflammation issues and inability to lose weight. Since I began drinking coffee more regularly around the time I began mysteriously gaining, it makes a lot of sense to test this. But it could have been a lot of things: the caffeine, the coffee itself, the acidity in heated coffee, etc. I decided to start by testing the last of these, and switched over to iced coffee in the morning. This was my mistake.

Prior to the switch, I drank a single cup of coffee in the morning, and then either a second cup or a tumbler of iced coffee around 2pm in the afternoon. But since switching, I drink TWO tumblers of iced coffee in the morning, and another in the afternoon, sometimes two… It’s NOT okay. And for the first time, coffee has become a serious addiction. I didn’t used to have a problem cutting back to a single cup in the morning and none the rest of the day. I liked the ritual of the coffee more than the taste or caffeine. But my body seems to have transitioned into a real caffeine addiction now that I’ve gone iced. I don’t know if the levels are higher or if it’s just the quantities I’m drinking or both. What I DO know is that sometimes if I don’t drink a cup in the afternoon, I end up with migraines in the middle of the night. Sigh.

So now I begin the work of cutting back. The subtraction of heat/acidity has made no difference to my weight/inflammation, and now I need to try eliminating coffee and caffeine altogether. Unfortunately, I first have to work to break the addiction. Aaaaand I keep putting that off, because addiction. Heh.

Wish me luck. The goal is to transition over the next couple of months. Slowly. But steadily. Hold me to it.

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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Addiction

  1. Good luck! I don’t drink coffee, but I can relate with my sugar addiction. It is so hard to cut out or even just cut back on these things. Sigh.


    • Amanda says:

      At least here in WI, I have to be very careful about consumption or else risk needing to drive 20 mins out to a place that has it available. Plus it costs nearly twice as much for the same bottles here, because it’s rural and they can get away with that. So I’ve been good most days only drinking two tumblers, and in a week or two, I’m going to start cutting back from there, too.


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