Favorite Photos of March

Still trying to keep up with taking photos, though it’s a bit more difficult while quarantined to the house!! Here are my favorite dozen from March. Some of these have been featured in full already on the blog, my apologies for that. I had far fewer photos to choose from! All these photos were taken by me and have no filters on them.

Left to right: the extra card from my Modern Witch Tarot Deck, which really sums up the current world situation for me; Jojo chasing a toy and looking like a huge dork while doing so; tradition selfie for Stephanie and me while on our hike to Government Canyon

Top left: Ambrose and Laurence (background) dressed for St Patrick’s Day. Bottom left: photo coasters for my birthday. Right: me with my iced coffee gear before a birthday 5K.

Left to right: self-portrait of anxiety-induced isolation; sunset at Friesenhahn Park; Gavroche and Nimi cuddle together

Left to right: modeling my new cat-print Torrid dress; a gecko that came to say hello on our back porch; path to the library with the mountain laurel flowering in purple

As you might be able to tell, many of these photos came before I was shut up inside my house. I hope I can still get some wonderful photos for April!!

About Amanda

Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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