Nothing to Lose, by Alex Flinn

Michael ran away a year ago and has been working with a traveling carnival ever since. Now he’s back in his home town, hoping no one recognizes him. Unfortunately, his mother is on trial for killing her abusive husband, Michael’s stepfather, a week after Michael disappeared. He knows he can’t keep running forever.

Ooh, an actual book review from me! First one in…oh…a month? Sadly, it’s only going to be a mini-review, because I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I found Nothing to Lose through Audible’s current quarantine-promotion (free titles available for kids/teens). I looked through the selection, found a few that looked interesting and that I’d never heard of, and then went to see if I could find e-versions at my library. This was the first ebook I found. I read it in an afternoon – it’s pretty short – and it certainly held my attention. The carnival aspect was my favorite part, a look at the lives of people that are usually marginalized in society. Sadly, the rest was just okay – predictable twists, slap-dash characterization, worn out tropes like the manic pixie dream girl. Over all, it was an okay book that was enjoyable to read in an afternoon. It will make no lasting impression on me, but didn’t have anything terrible to give it an unpleasant aftertaste.

Sorry to have such a meh review to break my review-silence…

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