White Sand Volume 3, by Brandon Sanderson and Rik Hoskin

My thoughts on this third volume of White Sand remain very similar to previous volumes:

1 – I’m not a fan of the artwork in these graphic novels. This illustrator was different in this volume, but kept with the same style. I find it hard to connect with and it’s a bit confusing to follow.

2 – It took me some time to remember what had happened in previous volumes. The story itself doesn’t have the depth and breadth of a traditional Sanderson novel, entirely due to the format it’s told in. Consequently, it took some time for me to get into the story. I did enjoy it by the end, however.

3 – At one point, Sanderson offered a rough draft version of the novel original for this series, and I requested it. It’s still waiting for me to read, and I’ll do so at some point. I’m just not a huge fan of reading books on an e-reader so I’ve put that off. Rough draft or not, I’m sure I’ll love the novel version better than the GN adaptation. However, I’ll keep reading the adaptation, because I pretty much read anything Cosmere-related.

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