The Art of Theft, by Sherry Thomas (audio)

An old friend of Mrs. Watson is in town, and she desperately needs Sherlock Holmes’ – aka Charlotte Holmes’ – help.

I listened to this book while a bunch of chaos was happening at my house. While it was really good, I didn’t process it as well as I would have liked. In only a few days, I’ve forgotten most of what happened in the story. I know for sure that this is not the fault of the book, but of the situation in which it was read, though. I’d zone out for long stretches of time and then find myself scrambling to skip back and catch up. Wish I could say more, but for now, this mini-review will have to do as a review placeholder. When the next book in the series releases, I’ll most likely revisit this story and get more out of it. Perhaps I’ll do a more thorough review then. In the meantime, if you haven’t tried this clever retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I highly recommend the series – and this is coming from someone who has never actually liked any Holmes stories before!

PS – Kate Reading as always did a fabulous job with the audio narration! She remains my favorite narrator.

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