Sunday Coffee – Longing for Fall

Every year, a post similar to this one ends up on my blog. Usually it’s not quite so early, honestly. It’s usually August when the months of relentless heat finally break me, or sometimes even September or October, when fall should have arrived and it’s still 100 degrees out. But I’m early this year, and counting the days.

My house is a wreck. The grocery shopping has been haphazard and scattered for weeks. The family is living on meals we can cobble together because our main cook has been out with surgery recovery. Routines and sleep have been thrown off. The heat has been monstrous this year, with record-breaking temps since April, and there’s no relief in sight.

I count the weeks and days…five weeks until the two younger boys start school; six weeks until Morrigan goes up to college; seven weeks until all the travel/events of the summer will be over and done with; twelve weeks until we might see a temperature below 70 degrees at night; eighteen weeks until our Thanksgiving Week Vacation (and when we actually start seeing a few cool fronts!). Those are long numbers. Too long. So I drink from my autumn owl mug and dream up fun ideas for Halloween and plot the impossible dream of one day owning a summer vacation home up north somewhere.

And really, since it’s only halfway through July, I pray that August will not be as much as a heat-nightmare as it usually is, and I’ll be grateful that I’ll be in Kansas and maybe in Wisconsin at the end of August for a short-lived mini-break from the heat!!!

PS – Does the weather keep me from walking the trails to play more Wizards Unite? Um…no. So I’m probably making myself miserable, and all that jazz…you know, in full disclosure, heh.

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Longing for Fall

  1. I know that summer just arrived (officially on the calendar), but I’m already over it too…oh, and I know about distractions too. It’s why I haven’t gotten much read this year. That, and an inability to focus, period.


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