Tell Me How You Really Feel, by Aminah Mae Safi

Rachel and Sana are not friends. When they first started in the same high school together, Sana asked Rachel out, and Rachel assumed it was a mean prank. Ever since then, the two have avoided each other. Now, they’re forced to work together on a school project, which will inevitably break down barriers…

This was a really cute romance with a lot of complicated life issues thrown in for depth. Meeting family expectations, trying to get into college, absentee parents, art vs commercialism, etc. Best part about the story for me was that these two girls had feelings for each other, but the romance wasn’t the center of their lives. They both had strong ties to family, determination for their future careers, and dedication to their work (both school and otherwise). They felt like real people who didn’t know how to communicate the best and who both messed up plenty. They were flawed in the best way, making them both all the more lovable. My only complaint was that the end wrapped up a little too quickly and unrealistically. But for a cute romance novel involving the making of a film (the school project mentioned above), I guess the cinematic ending was exactly what should have been.

Also: I love this book cover.

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