Sunday Coffee – In the last two weeks…

…Jason and I attended a Clue movie party at Alamo Drafthouse! Clue was one of my childhood favorites and I’ve literally seen it hundreds of times. (Funny story: When I was nine/ten years old, I spent over a year writing the dialogue for Clue down in a “script” from memory in my spare time. This is how much I loved that movie. I also forced my poor sister to do this with me, ha!) We were so excited when we discovered the movie party and snatched up tickets right away. At the movie, we got a random character card (I got Miss Scarlet, Jason got Mrs White), a party popper, a mini flashlight, and a foam weapon – all for use during parts of the movie. There was singing and dancing and movie-quoting (“Flames…flames…on the side of my face…”), and I bought a special Miss Scarlet mixed drink just to get the commemorative glass. It was one of the best movie experiences I’ve had in quite some time. Next month, they’re having a Three Amigos movie party, and we might just have to attend! (And by “might,” I mean that I’ve already purchased tickets.)

…Morrigan had his senior trip, during which he lost his glasses. The bus department for the school district found them (or so they thought) and tried to give him this pair with polka dots and a tiny frame. Ha! So he spent a week without them, poor guy, until the next available appointment at his optometrist. He also had to do his DOD physical and visual evaluations without glasses, sigh. The good news is that our optometrist is awesome and he was able to get us the new frames same-day, so at least there wasn’t a several-week wait for shipping!

…Morrigan attended prom with his girlfriend Eliya (who is affectionately nicknamed Henry in our house ever since our Super Bowl party back in February). (And look! He has glasses! He didn’t have to do pictures without them!) He made her a Texas wildflower corsage and the two of them went to a nearby local restaurant called Pesto’s. I guess they don’t get a lot of prom guests there, and I’m not sure exactly what moved their waitress, but the waitress decided to pay for their meal for them. (As it turned out, a lot of the prom couples had their meals paid for them at different restaurants, I’ve heard, which is so nice of people!) Morrigan in turn left her a $20 tip. Then the two came by the house so they could take photos in the garden, and then it was off to prom, where they had a lovely time.

…we got a massive amount of work done on the garden. Some miscommunications in plans meant that one of the projects grew a lot larger than expected, so we couldn’t finish by today’s brunch, but we now have an unexpected side deck and new front fence, plus planters to finish off the side of the yard. Pictures to come after we finish connecting the porch and deck, and have the entire yard finished.

…I took more blood tests and got more results. More on that soon. Also: I’m really tired of blood draws. I’d like to not do that again for awhile.

…I began sanding down the banisters in our stairwell. I have no idea why the previous homeowners used the wrong kind of paint and put it on so thickly that it peels off, but it’s an easy project that costs just about nothing to fix. We have a whole list of house projects that are low-cost and will make the house much nicer, and I’m trying to work my way through the few that I’m capable of doing (or helping with, at least).

…we prepped the house and food for an Easter brunch that we’re hosting later this morning for extended family. This involved making scones and cake and brisket and bread and multiple kinds of breakfast taco filling and asparagus quiche and of course Easter eggs, in addition to extensive cleaning, yard stuff, and generally prepping the house for up to 15 guests. And on that note, I’m posting this in the wee early morning hours because guests will start arriving in four hours and there’s still some prep work to do! Y’all have a happy Easter!!

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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – In the last two weeks…

  1. Preface (as I have had for almost every conversation I’ve had this weekend): I’m on prednisone (for a limited run) for a bruised knee so might be a little verbose.

    1. Clue (and Three Amigos): I don’t have Clue memorized, but my wife probably does. She knows the lines from almost every movie she watches. I like how you already purchased the tickets for the next event.

    2. Morrigan (less verbose, I left that to you πŸ™‚ as a proud mother): You should be proud.

    3. Garden: We don’t have a garden, but I do love yours. That said, I did a bit of landscaping (threw down some mulch, really, on the side of our driveway), thanks to the prednisone.

    4. Blood tests: Doctor offices. Ugh. I’ve been dealing with doctor offices since beginning of the month, thanks to the bruised knee, but…hopefully on the road to recovery.

    5. House: It’s good that you, Jason, and your family are able to do so much with your house, especially with everything you’ve been through with it. We aren’t remodeling here, but we do need to do a lot of cleanup and rearranging things, so can semi-(very little) relate.

    6. Easter brunch: I’m just getting hungry, hearing about it, and that probably is…you guessed it…the prednisone talking to me. On that note, I think I’m going to grab something to eat. πŸ™‚


    • Amanda says:

      You sound about how I feel when I’m on methylprednisolone. πŸ˜€ It’s too bad that energy isn’t available all the time! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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