Sunday Coffee – Spring Break

Saturday (Day 1): Insomnia. Ambrose got the stomach flu and had to reschedule his SAT. I finally got to visit the new IKEA that opened up here last month.

Sunday: I discovered just how out of shape I am, and spent most of the rest of the day devouring The Suspect by Fiona Barton.

Monday: Jason went off to work, Morrigan went off to a friend’s house. Laurence and I decided to do the first day of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and it killed us both. I finished listening to a silly-but-awesome romance-and-paranormal-mystery audiobook called Better Homes and Hauntings (ha!) by Molly Harper.

Tuesday: Lots of coffee! Soreness from the Shred kept me up most of the night! Had a rest day, watched Spider-Man: Homecoming with my boys.

Wednesday: Birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday! My baby turned 15! He wanted Huhot for lunch, so we went to one near Jason’s work so we could all go, and then we had a few gifts and ice cream in the evening.

Thursday: Rest day! Put together a 1000-piece puzzle, spent the afternoon at a coffee shop with Stephanie, where we met another writer and I was reminded just how much I love hanging out with writers. Had a massive hive outbreak in the evening, the worst since Feb 23rd and the first hives in weeks. I know what caused it, but still, UGH.

Friday: Sadly, spent the day mostly incapacitated due to inflammation/hives. At least it was a good reading day, and I enjoyed The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn.

Saturday: Up at three with hive-related insomnia (seriously I’ve never had one just persist this long since I was a kid!). Drugged up on multiple antihistamines, I napped, then helped prep for Laurence’s birthday party, which was Buccaneers-themed. (His favorite football team.) It was a good party, complete with Laurence smashing through streamers to the tune of the NFL theme on Morrigan’s trombone, and games such as Oreo football and root beer pong. Ha! Then we spent the evening out by our firepit in the semi-cool night air. It was lovely.

Today: Last day of spring break. The plan today is to get all our normal weekend work done, since we did none of it yesterday with the party and such. So it’s errands and paperwork, then hopefully back to normal tomorrow as the boys go back to school!

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Spring Break

  1. A common theme today, among the blogs I’m reading, is puzzles. Hmmm. Is this a sign that I need to be doing a puzzle too? 🙂

    Oreo football? Do tell. My sister-in-law loves Oreos. I’m sure she’d be down for whatever this game is.

    I have to look up this Huhot…ah, looks like “closest” one to us is either Greenville S.C. or Bloomington, IN. I guess I’ll have to dream.


    • Amanda says:

      I mostly start doing puzzles when I’m bored out of my head, ha. As for Oreo football, it basically meant that we used the mini-table that Jason set up (the green one in the pic) and set Oreos across it in a line as “linemen,” then you had to try to get your Oreo to the end zone through the linemen without going past the first white stripe on your move. It was silly and involved a lot of bashing Oreos to pulp with hard slides.

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  2. But was there a rule about eating the Oreos at some point? That’s what my sister-in-law would be interested in. 🙂


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