Old Friends

“Old friends sat on their park bench like bookends.” – Bookends, Simon and Garfunkel

In the last week of October, I revisited The Night Circus for the first time in five years. I read it slowly and luxuriously over about a week, enjoying my time with these characters that I’d loved so much in the past. The book hadn’t lost any of its power or beauty.

I thought that the change in my reading mood last month was pointing toward nonfiction. Apparently not, or at least, not yet. Instead, it has been pointing me toward old friends. First, The Night Circus. Presently, Oathbringer, a book that was so intense and difficult to read last year that it took me until now to finally revisit it. After that, I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to Alan Rickman read out Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native for the first time since 2010. Maybe the next month or so will bring rereads of other comfort books – Love Walked In, Howl’s Moving Castle, Jane Eyre, The Nature of Jade, The Tapestry of Love, Fangirl, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrill…

There are still plenty of books remaining on my 2018 list. I have books in from the library that I doubt I’ll get to, and others that are still releasing that I’ll probably wait until 2019 to read. My Audible queue is full of potential reads, and my list to investigate on Goodreads is growing longer. For now, though, I think I need this time with familiar settings and people and stories. I need these old friends.

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1 Response to Old Friends

  1. Cherilyn says:

    I’ve kind of been in that same mood.

    When I was a kid, I was enthralled with Andre Norton’s “Galactic Derelict”, but this was when I was 10 or 12 years old. I didn’t have access to the first book or the third book (The Time Traders series) back then, but I was feeling nostalgic, wanted to see if I could still appreciate it as an adult.

    Yeah, not really so much lol. It is a good book for young adults, moreso boys than girls since there were no girl characters in this series apparently. I had not noticed that back when I was a kid. But it was still fun to revisit this book anyway. Shortly I will read the third book and then go back and revisit Norton’s “Witch World” series too.

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