The Hollow of Fear, by Sherry Thomas (audio)

This is the next installment in the Lady Sherlock series. I can’t really describe the plot without giving away the last two books, and the mysteries in these books are really good, so I definitely don’t want to do that! I’ll keep this short. I loved this volume, probably my favorite of the three. I didn’t see any of the twists coming and couldn’t keep up with the threads of the mystery. I just had to sit back and enjoy the ride. Charlotte Holmes was her delightful self, and the too-often-repeated jokes from Book 2 thankfully went back to manageable levels in this one. I feel like I’m getting a better sense of character from so many of the cast, and I love that clues from previous volumes – things you’d never think of as clues – are being brought into later books. This series is well done and I’m looking forward to whenever the next volume is published.

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